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The Case for Mono- vs. Multitasking

Bosses who ask for information, but neglect to read your entire response. Then ask again.

College students who answer just one question of a 3-part assignment. Then protest their low grade.

Granted, we humans have absurdly short attention spans.

Yet paying attention is essential to move things forward.

Because we’re living in an attention economy, maybe everyone should be required to take a course in paying attention.

But would anyone sign up?

Would anyone show up? If so, would anyone pay attention?

Actually, it would be a short course.

With just one class.

And just one lesson: STOP multi-tasking!

Read only what is in front of you. All of it. Carefully.

Listen only to whomever is speaking to you. Hear everything she/he/they is saying.

Make sure you understand what is expected before you begin.

If necessary, ask for clarification.

Do that one thing well…so well that you are proud to sign your name.

Consider the efficiency of fewer do overs…less back-and-forth via email or text. And overall better work from which all stakeholders may benefit.


And repeat.

Might this be a good New Year’s resolution?

Better yet, why not start now!

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