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Sometime during the first 18 years of the new millennium, our world shifted from analog to digital. Yet not all business leaders have acknowledged and embraced how the game has changed…and committed to playing the game differently.


When did you last take a deep dive into web content? Your website makes hundreds of first impressions daily – tens of thousands annually. Plus, it’s your lowest cost of acquisition. Is the content current, correct, complete…and compelling?


How about ensuring your story is being told consistently across all online sites and channels? This takes time. And patience. Also, expertise.


Do you truly understand your prospect’s path-to-purchase? Are you purposefully and thoughtfully intercepting (vs. interrupting) these consumers where, when and how they are most receptive to engaging with your brand?


Whether your objectives are customer acquisition/retention, insights-driven performance improvements, online merchandising, associate engagement/development, optimal brand support, thought leadership and/or portfolio growth, EDited mktg. is your go-to resource.


Why EDited mktg.? Because we know how to identify opportunities for improvement, source and implement sustainable solutions in today’s digital world. Our experience comprises branded and independent assets, both domestic and international, from select service to Five-Star destination resorts.


The ‘art’ of hospitality will never change. But the ‘science’ of hospitality continues to evolve rapidly. How may EDited Mktg be of service to you?

A business' primary focus should be on the web UX (User eXperience). Do you make it abundantly easy for prospects to become your customers? Are you working relentlessly to convert lookers to bookers? The Ecom Diagnostic is a comprehensive assessment of your online marketing presence. Beginning with the website, this is literally a page-by-page, line-by-line, link-by-link content review. For example, a hotel with 250 web visits daily, a modest 0.5% increase in conversion equates to 456 additional reservations over 12 months; multiply this by the ALOS, then ADR to discover the incremental revenue available. And it flows at nearly 100%! Click here for Ecom Diagnostic Protocol & Scope.

Social Media Engagement/Marketing

Any business that is not socially engaged is leaving money on the table. A robust social media presence is an integral touchpoint on the path-to-purchase, as consumers now rely on these channels to research and validate purchase decisions. How does your business ‘look’ on social?  EDited mktg. will work with you to develop a comprehensive engagement and advertising strategy that integrates with your overall marketing plan. For a facebook page tune-up or full-scale audit of all social channels…for daily account monitoring and management or associate training and custom workshops, contact EDited mktg. We’ll help prospective customers discover your brand, as well as nurture that loyal following.

VOC (Voice of Customer) Insights Survey

Somewhere between quick to market and careful to market is the most practical and profitable approach. Who better to advise you regarding new products and services than your customers and highly qualified prospects? For example, owners of a lodge in the Northwest wanted to add a spa. By listening to insights from a survey of nearly 30,000 past guests plus social media followers, spa design and build costs were pared by $2M. And the marketing team clearly understood a majority of traffic would be day-spa use by residents of the near-by metropolitan area. Before embarking on your multimillion dollar renovation or new restaurant concept, let EDited mktg. assist you with obtaining insights from those who will ultimately give you thumbs up or down with their wallets. For a no-obligation chat, reach out via phone, text or email.

Classroom to Keynote...

From a classroom of inquisitive a breakout for enthusiastic an auditorium of experienced leaders, Ed Schwitzky has earned a reputation for delivering engaging and entertaining content. Ed's commitment is to share something new. Or cause participants to think about something they already know, differently. Let's discuss your needs, wants and expectations.

Thought Leadership Webinars

Energize your leadership team with regular custom-content presentations. Gather the troops for an Ecom Coffee Break or Marketing Brown Bag Café. Each is guaranteed to impart new information…or cause you to think about something familiar, differently. Popular topics include digital disruption, merchandising, influencer marketing, service excellence, effective business communication, online reputation management, productive meetings, time management, negotiation, mobile messaging, email marketing, anatomy of a special offer, generational mindsets/diversity, web conversion best practices, social media engagement and recruiting/retaining associates as well as guests. Plus, you’ll have access to what’s trending in marketing and technology. Click here to see what others have to say.

Photo/Video Shoot

Photos and video have surpassed guest reviews as the greatest influence on travel bookings. Hotels should invest in new photography and/or video every year. The operative word is ‘invest,’ as poor photography can cost the same as exceptional images. But few Directors of Sales & Marketing relish planning and executing a photo shoot. Often overlooked are lifestyle images for email campaigns, plus digital and/or print marketing. How does a hotelier protect her/his investment? One option is for EDited mktg. to prep the hotel team via video conference. Or tap EDited Mktg for a turnkey solution – defining scope of work, sourcing photographer/videographer, creating shot sheets and/or storyboards and providing on-site management. If a shoot is in your future, initiate the conversation now.


Experience and hindsight are wonderful, except usually that happens after the fact. Advice and foresight are the alternatives. For market intel, inspiration, best practices, diagnosing opportunities, sourcing solutions, social media strategy, marketing planning and budgeting, ideation, brainstorming or analysis – whatever you need…for an hour or a day, periodically or regularly, online or on-site – put the know-how and can-do at EDited mktg. to work for you. Let us know what is keeping you awake at night

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