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Visit Tucson Exclusive Partner Offer: 

Ecom Diagnostic 

Consumers today take what they experience online and project what they will experience on-site. It’s a high stakes game. Those who win understand how to drive qualified traffic to their website. Also how to convert more lookers to bookers…


Consider the hotel with an average of 500 web visits daily; that equates to 182,500 visits annually. With an improved User eXperience (UX), a modest 0.5% increase in conversion generates an additional 912 reservations over 12 months; multiply this by ALOS, then ADR; that’s a lot of incremental revenue. And it flows at nearly 100%.


“Setting the Table for Success in Today’s Digital World” are the 9 marketing must-dos to effectively compete for and win new customers online. 


Your business – hotel, restaurant or attraction – tells a story. Is that story current? Complete? Correct? As well as compelling? Is the story being told consistently across all online sites and channels? Plus do the
USPs  – Unique Selling Propositions – differentiate your business from all others? 


Business leaders often lack patience, in addition to the 3 Ts – Time, Talent and/or Tools – to regularly

monitor and manage their digital assets. It is simply a reality of the hospitality industry. That’s where we come in…


Ed Schwitzky and Rick Vaughan have conducted an Ecom Diagnostic for more than 100 hotels, restaurants and attractions. Our process comprises a page-by-page, line-by-line, link-by-link (also phone number-by-phone number) evaluation of your online presence. Using a 41-point checklist, we deliver an Action Plan to improve the UX for your prospects and customers...ultimately driving more lookers to bookers.

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Visit Tucson partners may take advantage of an "introductory" fee of $1,950 (regularly $2,450) through March 31, 2020. This includes an initial consultation, analysis and Action Plan, concluding with a presentation to your leadership team.


Alternatively, these sections of the Ecom Diagnostic are available a la carte:

  • Website UX - $750 (includes 10 pages for 1 site); additional pages @ $65

  • Content Parity, including Google My Business - $700 (includes 4 sites total); additional sites @ $150

  • Social Media - $250 (includes 2 sites); additional sites @ $110

  • Online Reputation Management - $300 (includes 4 sites); additional sites @ $65

Reach out to either of us to discuss further or schedule your Ecom Diagnostic.


Rick Vaughan

Vice President of Business
Development & Strategy



Ed Schwitzky

Founder, Chief Strategist
& Storyteller


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