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Why EDited mktg.? Because your business does not get a second chance at a first impression - online or on-site.


EDited mktg. is a marketing and business consultancy. Our focus is the hospitality and travel vertical: hotels and resorts, B&Bs, vacation rentals, restaurants and bars, spa, fitness, golf and attractions. Using a diagnostic-based approach, we excel at positioning assets for greater success in today’s digital world.


Win and delight. Recruit and retain. Whether external or internal customers, it’s ALL marketing. Really.

The purposeful process of connecting people and brands.


How may EDited mktg. be of service to you?

It's ALL marketing. Really.

The art and science of connecting people and brands


Only two things matter in business:
1) WIN a new customer
2) DELIGHT an existing customer
Revenue and profits will follow. As well as jobs, raises and promotions. It’s ALL marketing. Really. The purposeful process of connecting people and brands.



Relationships are the genesis of 
testimonials. And relationships, by 
nature, collaborative. As are outcomes. 
Expectations must be clearly defined 
and aligned. Timely, authentic
feedback is essential. Plus, it’s good
to have some fun along the way!



While the ‘art’ of hospitality will never change, the ‘science’ of hospitality continues to evolve rapidly. Innovation in today’s digital world is imperative to winning new customers and delighting existing customers…across generations, genders, cultures and ethnicities.


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