• Ed Schwitzky

Hey Goalie…You Suck!

Any hockey fans? Doesn’t matter. What matters is context.

Today my wife told me she liked a recent podcast on which I was a guest. Funny, regarding this same recording my son said “Dad, it sucked.” Each is right. And their comments equally appreciated. But not equally valuable. Rather valuable for different reasons.

My son Zach, founder of Limbik, shared from the perspective of a successful entrepreneur. His mother, like I, is new to podcasting. She assumes any content that attracted 700+ listeners is amazing.

My son’s comments were like daggers to the heart. Yet, heartfelt. Truly insightful. As is my wife’s enduring support and encouragement. But how do we, as professionals (and people), hone our crafts. Yep…by listening to (and hearing) our harshest (and best meaning) critics.

It’s not just about to whom are you listening. It is about what you are hearing. And learning.

If you are curious, click on Courting the baby boomer consumer. Criticism is welcome. Open net!


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