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Herspective, Hisspective, Theirspective…

Perspective is SO important. It always has been. But today, maybe more than ever. Yet perspective is often discounted or dismissed entirely.

For example, different cohorts experienced the pandemic differently… Many continued to “move about the cabin;” some of us stayed home. Lots of people masked up; but not all. Ultimately, a majority vaxxed; others refrained. Most wanted to be part of the solution, while there are those who continue exacerbate the problem…with either actions or words, or both.

My 91-year-old aunt died during the pandemic, not from COVID; it was pancreatic cancer. When preparing my remarks for her funeral, it occurred to me each person close to my aunt was dealing with her loss in a different way. Consequently, I embraced empathy and understanding.

More recently, I was advising a client around messaging for an email to past guests. This Director of Sales & Marketing is intimately familiar with her hotel; she’s there every day. But a guest who will receive this email may have checked out 2 weeks ago, 2 months ago, or 2 years ago. Also, likely experienced the pandemic very differently. Empathy and understanding are necessary here, too.

There is a point…and that is the importance of knowing and understanding your audience. This means seeing things from another’s perspective.

Our world today comprises 6 different generations. However, one’s generation is more about mindset than age. And each generation has a unique mindset. While our personalities are mostly developed by the age of 6, a generational mindset historically is the result of shared social experiences plus developments in technology between the ages of 12 and 17.

Of course, it goes WAY beyond generational mindsets. Additionally, we must consider perspectives informed by gender and race, as well as culture and ethnicity.

Perspective is essential for marketing. Actually, for any type of communication and connection.

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